Health and Nutrition Supplements for Your Dog

TechMix K9 products offer nutrition and performance solutions for dogs of all ages and activity levels, to help maintain overall wellness and improve their quality of life. The complete family of products are designed for performance and engineered to address time-sensitive nutritional needs of dogs expending a high level of energy or experiencing stress from any cause.

Whether you are looking to enhance overall health or to address a particular need, the K9 family of products are field-tested to provide the right nutrition at the right time. Digestion and hydration, energy, skin or joint health supplements, our products offer your companion essential nutrients to keep them healthy and happy for a lifetime.

TechMix K9


When your dog is healthy and energized, your time together is more enjoyable.


Ensure your pet receives hydration and key nutritional components.


Hydration is essential for the overall health and performance of dogs.


Help your hard-working dog perform at its best.


Extra support to help maintain joint function, mobility and overall health.


Results-oriented recovery formulas for all dogs.
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